I’m already happy (new Ben Sollee song)

Basically everything Ben Sollee does makes me happy. Right now, I’m specifically happy about the new song he’s offering for download on his website.

Because what’s cooler than a cellist-singer-songwriter? A cellist-singer-songwriter who not only covers a song from the 1920s, but samples a Fletcher Henderson recording of that song! My inner musicologist is freaking out with excitement right now.

“Then I’ll Be Happy” is Sollee’s “new” track that will be on his new LP out in the fall — after a live recording he’s releasing in the spring!


New Coldplay Album “Mylo Xyloto”

Coldplay has finally finished their fifth album and announced its release. Called Mylo Xyloto (pronounced “MY-lo ZY-letoe”), the new album will be released on October 24, 2011 (except in North America, where it will release Oct. 25).

Following “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”, the next single from the album is called “Paradise” and will be out September 12.

Coldplay hasn’t released the tracklisting for Mylo Xyloto yet, but for my guesses, check out my earlier post entitled Possible Tracks of Coldplay’s Fifth Album.

New Mumford & Sons: “Home” + More!

A new Mumford & Sons song called “Home” that they played at Colorado’s KBCO radio station mid-June has been bouncing around the music blogs and Twitter this afternoon. While performing at Glastonbury last month, the band announced that they were recording a new album that would be released in late 2011. Neither the album title, precise release date, nor tracklisting have been released yet but they have played a number of new songs during live shows this year. In honor of the “Home” buzz, I’ve compiled all the new/unreleased/B-side songs I can think of. Some of them may very well be on the new record, but even if they’re not — you’re hearing them here!

1. Home: It’s a little more mellow than some of the Mumford & Sons we’re most used to — it’s more along the lines of ‘Timshel‘ than ‘Little Lion Man‘. Apart from the dramatic build-up of pacing and volume, it’s still got the gorgeous harmonies and bluegrass backdrop that we’ve come to know and love.

2. Lovers Eyes: This is the new song the band played at the KROQ GRAMMY Pre-Party in February. At the time, it didn’t have a title, but by the spring they were calling it ‘Lovers Eyes’. My favorite features here are the quiet “I walk slow” section and the abrupt change into a different time signature.

3. Lover of Light: keyboardist-accordionist Ben Lovett told Rolling Stone that this is one of his new favorites. “Some people have heard it, we’ve been playing it for about eight months now,” Lovett says. “I think that should go all the way through the next record, but ultimately we’re trying to write better and better songs, and songs that are truer to ourselves. And if we end up writing 10 to 15 songs better than that one, it will just have to sit on the B Side of the tape somewhere.”

4. Nothing Is Written

5. You Ain’t No Sailor: Heart and mind falling out recently? Sounds a bit like ‘Winter Winds‘. This one definitely has a much more mellow sound than we’re used to hearing from the band.

6. Below My Feet: I really like this song because the lyrics resonate very strongly with me: “Keep the earth below my feet / For all my sweat, my blood runs weak / Let me learn from where I have been / Keep my eyes to serve and hands to learn” It almost reminds me of a mantra you’d say to yourself when things are difficult. Anyway, there is some hilarious banter at the beginning of this video but if you want to skip to the song, skip to 2:04.

7. Whispers In The Dark: This one might not be on the new record since it’s a little older, but you never know.

8. Broken Crown: This one is very dark and reminds me a lot of Laura Marling’s ‘Hope In The Air‘ or ‘Alpha Shadows‘ — which doesn’t surprise me much since they’ve collaborated a lot with each other and have influenced each other quite a bit. She even dated Mumford for a little while.

9. Hopeless Wanderer: “We think this song might be called Hopeless Wanderer, but don’t hold us to it!”

10. Sister: It’s not exactly new but it hasn’t been officially released yet and I think it should because it’s just so great. I love this song, partly because it was the introduction to Mumford & Sons way back in 2008 via the Black Cab Sessions. Yeah that’s right, people. I knew and loved Mums long before you did. OK, I’m done with my bragging now — I only do it because I’m bitter about the fact that I have yet to see them live and insanely jealous of everyone who has. The other reason I love it is because the harmonies just kill me every single time.

11. Where Is My Heart? This is another older song that we probably won’t hear on the album but it’s worth sharing. The lyrics are just hilarious: “Beers, browns and banjos is that all I need”. This recording was from the 2010 Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

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